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Trump at the Grassy Knoll

Jan. 6 Committee Claims It Can Place Trump in Dallas On the Grassy Knoll (7/26/2022)

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden Went to Church
and Claimed
He Was The Most High (7/20/2022)

Joy Behar

Joy Behar Says
If We Strike Down Roe v. Wade
None of Us Will Have To
Have Sex With Her Ever Again

Meme Showing When We Can Say Men Can Get Pregnant

Debating Roe v. Wade Temporarily Makes Men Unable To Get Pregnant (5/4/2022)

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New York Lawmakers Declare
Times Square
A “Climate-Change Free Zone”

Official Posting 'Climate-Change Free Zone' sign

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Based on their belief that they are so much smarter, wiser, and more moral than anyone else that has ever lived, and can finally make gun-free zone signs work, New York State lawmakers then proposed a sure-fire idea for solving global climate change.

Posting “Climate-Change Free Zone” signs.

The New York State Assembly passed a law defining various “sensitive” areas where climate change will not be allowed. Officials then posted “Climate-Change Free Zone” signs, informing in-coming weather fronts with unseasonably high temperatures that they cannot enter these “sensitive” areas without a permit.

To receive a permit, a weather front must complete 16 hours of training, apologize to at least 3 approved minority groups for their “privilege”, and then undergo a “character and conduct” review by a meteorologist.

“Sensitive” public locations include virtually the entire state of New York, except the red-state areas, because those people are just stupid and evil.

Based on their certainty that this solution will work, state officials have also begun creating signs for “Crime-Free”, “War-Free”, and “Death-Free” Zones.

- The Satirized Evening Post
September 3, 2022

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The History of Satire and Parody:

The Oxford dictionary defines satire as "the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues."

Satire, it is said, has existed at every place and time where there has been government, religion, or any type of social structure. Researchers have found examples of satire in texts from as far back as ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.

Parody is a form of satire which is (as the Oxford dictionary defines it) "an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect."

Parody is considered such an important form of free speech that US Copyright laws have a specific "fair use" exemption for parody.
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I created this website to lampoon the ridiculous behavior I see in politics today.

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If something I've posted does offend you, please ask yourself why you find the post offensive, but not the behavior that post is making fun of.

Also ask yourself if your opponents exhibited that same behavior, would that be acceptable to you?

Prompting that sort of thinking would be the best possible achievement for this website.