Durham Denies Rumors He Might Go Back to Hosting "Mythbusters"

John Durham and Adam Savage

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Reporters recently caught up with DOJ special counsel John Durham, who again denied rumors that he may return to the TV show “Mythbusters”.

“Mr. Durham,” asked a reporter, “Can you confirm whether you will soon be hosting ‘Mythbusters’ again?”

“No, I have no such plans,” Durham replied. “I was never a host on that show.”

“So do you deny you’ll be returning?” the reporter asked.

“Correct. I will not be ‘returning’, because I was never involved with it in the first place.”

“Oh...this time you want to be more involved.”

“No! Look, I was not involved in the past. I'm not involved now. And I will not be involved in the future,” sighed Durham. “I did not host that show. You’ve mistaken me for someone else.”

“Some people say there’s some friction between you and Adam?” persisted the reporter.

“I don’t even know ‘Adam’!” exclaimed Durham. "I've never worked with him."

"I’ve never even watched the show.”

“So you’re one of those actors who doesn’t like to watch his own work.”

“IT’S NOT MY WORK!” Durham said, exasperated. “Look, I’m not the guy from ‘Mythbusters’! Can’t you understand that?!”

“Reclusive actor...wants his privacy...doesn’t want to be recognized on the street....”

Durham then looked at the reporter and asked, “You voted for Biden, didn’t you...?”

- The Satirized Evening Post
February 21, 2022

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