Justin Trudeau Reveals His New Woke Mustache, Social Justice Jack-Boots, and
Anti-Fascism Swastika

Justin Trudeau the Anti-Fascist

OTTAWA, CANADA – During a speech today, Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau displayed some new symbols of the anti-fascist movement in Canadian government.

The symbols included his new “Woke” mustache, his social justice jack-boots, and the new Canadian anti-fascism swastika.

“We promise to fight Fascism with every ounce of our strength,” Trudeau said. “Because of the urgency, we could not wait for an official report from any governmental agency, or from the police, to justify these actions.”

“We proceeded based on a single report from our friends in our government-run media.”

“We have created a list of the disloyal, starting with the names of the truckers themselves."

"We added the names of anyone who made on-line donations to this cause, based on an illegally hacked list from an on-lie web site."

"Finally, we are forcing all financial institutions to investigate their customers, and give us the names of anyone else that seems suspect.”

“Using this enemies list, we are arresting people, freezing bank accounts, and seizing personal property.”

“But it’s all OK, because we’re fighting fascism.”

"Those truckers should have thought twice before protesting that we were being too authoritarian."

“We're like the anti-fascist group ANTIFA: We can walk like a duck, quack like a duck, and have webbed feet like a duck, but still claim to be an anti-duck.”

- The Satirized Evening Post
February 22, 2022

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