Claiming To Take Everything Very Seriously Is Something The President Takes Very Seriously

KJP at podium

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Yesterday, in a very serious press conference, Karine Jean-Pierre put a very serious look on her face, and announced that the latest crisis facing the White House is something that President Biden takes very seriously.

When asked how the President could be taking the crisis ‘very seriously’ if he’s not taking action to address it, KJP listed several actions the President is taking, all of which she assured us are very serious.

Yet, despite his actions, this crisis, like seemingly all previous crises, continues, without resolution.

Reporters pressed KJP further, asking whether results are important, or whether it’s sufficient to just take some action, regardless of how ineffective, while claiming to take the situation ‘very seriously’?

“I’ve already answered this question,” KJP replied. “The President is working very hard on this, and as I told you, he takes it very seriously.”

There was no word if the President intended to upgrade the situation from taken 'very seriously' to showing 'deep concern'.

- The Satirized Evening Post
April 13, 2023

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