Joy Behar Says If We Strike Down Roe v. Wade None of Us Will Have To Have Sex With Her
Ever Again

Joy Behar

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Joy Behar, the co-host of ABC’s The View, suggested that until Roe v. Wade is protected, women should hold a “sex strike” and start withholding sex.

That means if Roe v. Wade is overturned, and Behar follows through with her threat, none of us will ever have to have sex with her ever again.

“That’s right,” quipped Ms. Behar, “If you want some of this hot, 79 year-old body, you have to protect a women’s right to kill unborn children.”

This confused many conservatives, as they could not see the down-side.

“So you mean...,” a bewildered conservative started, “...if we stop people from killing children...then we get to forget about having sex with Joy Behar?”

“It’s a ‘Two-fer!” exclaimed another.

“Does the same thing apply for other screechy, annoying, near octogenarians?” asked a third.

Behar’s announcement struck fear in many Republican PR firms.

“She’s going to put us out of business,” said a PR executive. “That’s better than any campaign we could have ever come up with.”

“What’s next? ’If we reduce government spending, she’ll quit talking’?”

The unanimous consensus on the Right seemed to be that this is a ‘beating’ we’re just going to have to take.

- The Satirized Evening Post
May 6, 2022

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