CNN Denies Giving the Chris Cuomo Situation Special Treatment Claiming They
Show All Left-Wing Scandals Equal Apathy

Chris Cuomo

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – CNN recently came under fire for waiting until this past Tuesday to suspend anchor Chris Cuomo, when information about his significant involvement with his brothers sexual harassment case has been available for quite some time.

Many claim CNN was showing their anchor special treatment by not investigating the story.

“That’s completely false,” responded a CNN spokesperson. “There was no special treatment. We showed the same amount of apathy for this story as we do for any other left-wind scandal.”

“Look at how long we ignored Hunter Biden’s laptop, the fact the Steele dossier was discredited, and Governor Cuomo’s fudged COVID death numbers.”

“In every case, we ignored the story until it was significantly covered elsewhere so we couldn’t ignore it anymore.”

“At CNN, we firmly adhere to our principles. Our double-standards do not have double-standards."

- The Satirized Evening Post
December 4, 2021

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