Liberals Fear Rittenhouse Verdict Means
It’s No Longer Safe for Liberal Mobs
To Chase People Down and Beat Them

Joy Reid

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN – On Friday, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of murder for shooting three armed men who were continually pursuing him and threatening to harm him. Afterwards, many left-wing pundits and politicians lamented that the verdict sent the chilling message that it was no longer safe for liberal mobs to chase people down and beat them.

“This verdict sends the wrong message,” complained MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

“If a left-wing mob decides you deserve to be chased down and violently assaulted, you’re obligated to just lay there and take it.”

Democrats and mainstream members call this policy, which only applies to conservatives, the “Take Your Beating” doctrine. It’s commonly supported by all left-wing legal scholars, especially those without law degrees who have their own TV shows.

Many protestors outside the Kenosha courthouse also criticized the verdict, condemning Rittenhouse for his actions:

“Rittenhouse doesn’t even live in Kenosha, so he had no right to even be here,” said one protestor also from Illinois.

“It was wrong for him to bring a gun. That’s the only reason the one victim drew his own gun,” said another.

“Rittenhouse had no right to act as a vigilante,” said a third. “That’s why those three men had every right to take the law into their own hands and apprehend him.”

In Washington, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lamented the possible long-term impacts of the verdict:

“How are people on the Left supposed to express our political opinions now?! Through voting and peaceful debate?!”

“The next thing you know, people will be held responsible if they loot, vandalize, or burn down a store.”

“Where does this stop? Having the same set of rules for everyone?!”

- The Satirized Evening Post
November 22, 2021

(Note: The title was inspired by a Babylon Bee article title.)

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