Terry McAuliffe Denies He’s Made His
Whole Campaign About Trump
- And Blames that False Allegation on Trump

Terry MacAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is denying the allegation that, instead of talking about issues, his focus has been on tying his opponent to Donald Trump.

“That’s baloney,” said MacAullife. “That’s just like something Trump would say.”

“Glenn Youngkin, a Trump Ally, took a page out of the Trump playbook, and is circulating a false allegation – started by Trump – that I’ve made this entire campaign about Trump.”

“I never talk about Trump,” exclaimed McAuliffe, “and Trump knows that.”

Critics suggest McAuliffe is doing this to distract from his recent missteps: Stating that parents should not have a say on what their kids learn in school, walking back his criticism of Governor Ralph Northam for wearing blackface, and promising again to raise teachers’ salaries when he previously promised and failed to deliver on this back when he was governor.

“That’s exactly something that Trump would say,” replied McAuliffe. “Clearly Youngkin is following the advice of his mentor, Donald Trump.”

“Only someone who is bought and paid for by Trump would use such a Trump tactic as claiming I’m making this all about Trump.”

- The Satirized Evening Post
November 1, 2021

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