NRA Approves of
Implementing Gun Control
on Alec Baldwin

NRA President and Alec Baldwin

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA – After the vocal anti-gun advocate Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed someone on a movie set, the National Rifle Association finally agreed that perhaps some common sense gun control laws are in order.

But only if they exclusively apply to vocal anti-gun advocates like Alec Baldwin.

“It’s time these anti-gun fanatics started following their own advice,” stated NRA President Carolyn Meadows. “If they’re against guns, how about they stop using guns themselves?”

“And how about the hypocrisy of someone who is vocally anti-gun making millions of dollars from movies involving guns?”

Mr. Baldwin was not only an actor on this movie, he also was one of the producers. The preliminary investigation found that not only was his production company not following standard Hollywood protocol for handling guns on a set, but they also were not following basic rules of gun safety.

“Liberals like Mr. Baldwin think other people are too stupid to be allowed to access guns,” said Meadows, “but they see themselves are so smart that they shouldn’t have to follow basic gun safety rules.”

“Oh yeah? Who’s the real idiot now?”

“Perhaps some of the existing gun control laws should be applied to movie sets. Perhaps everyone on a set that will touch a gun should be obligated to apply for a gun permit, wait through the standard waiting period, and have to pass a gun safety and proficiency class.”

“If an actor will carry the weapon in a concealed fashion, they’ll also need to get a CCW.”

“Of course, if they have any instances of violence on their records, they won’t be allowed to handle a gun at all.”

“Or maybe guns should be completely banned from movie sets. Instead, when a director is ready to shoot a scene with guns, they have to call 911, and just wait for the police to arrive. When the officers are done dealing with whatever other duties they have, the officers can drive to the set, bringing the guns, act as stunt doubles and perform the scenes, and then take the guns with them when they leave.”

“If those are common-sense rules, shouldn't they apply to everyone?”

- The Satirized Evening Post
October 30, 2021

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