Jen Psaki Claims The President’s Entire
90-Minute CNN Townhall Appearance
Was Taken Out Of Context

Jen Psaki

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Friday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki dismissed allegations of numerous miss-statements by President Biden during Thursday’s CNN townhall discussion, claiming that the entire 90-minute discussion has been taken out of context.

“You can’t show just 90 minutes of a townhall discussion and expect that to present the entire context of the President’s answers,” claimed Psaki. “That’s just ‘Gotcha’ journalism.”

“When Anderson Cooper asked the President if he would consider having the National Guard drive trucks to help solve the supply chain issues, and the President said ‘Yes’, you can’t just stop there and interpret that as ‘Yes’.”

“When the President claimed to have been to the southern border, that’s not enough information to determine if he means he’s been to the southern border.”

“And when asked, ‘So are you saying that the United States would come to Taiwan's defense if China attacked?’, and the President replied, ‘Yes. Yes, we have a commitment to do that’, we can’t just jump to the conclusion that ‘Yes’ means ’Yes’.”

"There are so many nuances and caveats that just a short 90-minute snippet leaves out.”

“That entire 90 minute townhall has been taken completely out of context.”

- The Satirized Evening Post
October 23, 2021

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