Warner Brothers Cancels Pepe Le Pew Because He Offensively Stereotypes Prominent Democrats

Pepe' Le Pew with Penelope Pussycat

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA – Earlier this week, Warner Brothers announced that they had no plans to use the character Pepe’ Le Pew in any other future projects.

The reason cited is that Pepe’s persistent romantic pursuit of Penelope Pussycat is seen as an offensive stereotype of prominent Democrats.

“Pepe’ was clearly stereotyping leading Democrats,” complained New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow. “In one episode Pepe’ was a Hollywood director calling himself “Harvi”, and promising a series of young female cats he could make them a star. In another, he carried a cigar while Penelope wore a stained blue dress. In a third, Penelope finally consents, he appoints her to two state commissions, and she eventually becomes vice-President.”

“Blatant political stereotyping,” said Blow.

In various other episodes, Pepe’ was seen hitting on staffers, sniffing hair, or flying to an island full of underage kittens.

Finally, in “Dog Pounded”, Pepe’ chases someone named Hillary.

Critics suggest the real reason the media is complaining is not the way the cartoons stereotyped Democrats, but how they stereotyped the media itself.

In all the episodes, when Pepe’ clearly harasses Penelope, the cartoon reporters look the other way, ask to wait for an investigation, or make comments like “the first one’s free”.

Meanwhile, they automatically declare Elmer Fudd guilty as soon as he’s accused.

- The Satirized Evening Post
March 10, 2021

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