Joe Scarborough Believes
Federal Court Houses Sell Tacos

Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Last week, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough blasted people who equated the widespread riots last year with the riot at the US Capitol Building, stating he wouldn't confuse a "taco stand with the United States Capitol."

As a reminder, on July 2nd, rioters attacked the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon. They broke through the glass doors, barricaded federal officers inside, and then and set fire to it.

Around July 18th, rioters also broke into the federal courthouse in Seattle, and federal authorities had to get involved to prevent any further damage.

Either Mr. Scarborough forgot there are three co-equal branches of the federal government, forgot about these attacks, or believes that federal court houses sell tacos.

- The Satirized Evening Post
February 21, 2021

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