AOC Claims the Windmills Failed in Texas Because They Didn’t Build Windmills in Texas

Alexanrdia Ocasio-Cortez

WASHINGTON, D. C. – Yesterday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claimed that the power outages Texans are experiencing due to windmills and solar panels failing are because Texas politicians did not follow the Green New Deal, which specified that Texas should build windmills and solar panels.

Ocasio-Cortez smugly stated, “Had they built windmills in Texas, the windmills they built in Texas wouldn’t have failed.”

“The Green New Deal would have solved all of this.”

A key focus of AOC’s Green New Deal was eliminating carbon-based forms of energy, and replacing them with renewable sources, like wind and solar. It also proposed subsidies for renewables, to help them gain a foothold in the industry.

However, critics point out that there is already an effort to try renewables, and renewable energy is already subsidized.

In fact, in Texas, the subsidies for renewables pushed reliable carbon-based operators out of business or prevented new carbon-based energy plants from being built, since operators could no longer make money off of the market.

Then, when the renewables failed, many Texans were without power.

So Texas was essentially pursuing a form of the Green new Deal, and it failed them.

“That’s not the type of Green New Deal we’re talking about”, answered AOC. “We’re talking about a totally different kind of Green New Deal that encourages people to build totally different windmills, so this time they’ll totally work.”

AOC then said no one could criticize her plan to replace carbon-based energy because she was a victim...having once been insulted by a carbon-based life form.

- The Satirized Evening Post
February 18, 2021

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