ACLU Claims Believing
Sex Is Determined By Science
is Anti-Science

A girls soccer team.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Yesterday, in a tweet arguing that trans girls should be allowed to participate in girls’ sports, the ACLU stated that the idea that a person’s sex is determined by science is anti-science.

“The science is settled,” said an ACLU spokesperson. “Trans girls are girls. As such, they should be allowed to compete in girls’ sports.”

Critics point out that, according to the branch of science known as Biology, boys who identify as girls are still scientifically boys.

“Biological Science is not science,” said the ACLU spokesperson. “It ignores basic scientific concepts like peoples’ feelings, empathy, and fairness.”

“Just because you feel Biology is science, doesn’t mean it is.”
“We feel these people are girls, that means they are.”

“Ignoring those feelings and following science is anti-science.”

- The Satirized Evening Post
February 6, 2021

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