David Hogg Launches the
Me Me Me Pillow Company

David Hogg.

PARKLAND, FLORIDA – Desperate for public attention, and seeing an opportunity now that the Cancel Culture has attacked the My Pillow company, David Hogg has announced he is launching the Me Me Me Pillow Company.

“I haven’t been on TV in a while, and my speaking engagements are drying up, so I had to do something to get back into the public eye.”

To start his company, Hogg has teamed up with progressive tech entrepreneur William LeGate.

“Although LeGate will be involved, the ‘Me Me Me Pillow Company’ will be all about me,” said Hogg.

“Each pillow will come with a booklet about me, a ‘Hogg for Congress 2026’ button, and an official autographed ‘David Hogg’ bobble-head doll.”

“And the pillows will be all covered with pictures of me, doing fantastic things.”

“To fight privilege, the pillows will be available in any color except white.”

When asked whether he has the experience to actually start and run a company, Hogg replied, “Hey. People need to take me seriously. I’m an adult.”

When critics pointed out that this all seemed like a lot of self-promotion, Hogg replied, “Hey. You can’t criticize me. I'm a kid.”

Hogg said he’s looking forward to having Me Me Me Pillow compete against My Pillow on a fair playing field, right after he gets the owner of My Pillow banned from all social media and forces the mainstream media to drop all of My Pillow's commercials.

Critics suspect Hogg hopes the new nickname 'Pillow Hogg' replaces his current nickname 'Camera Hogg'.

- The Satirized Evening Post
February 5, 2021

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