Television Academy to Also Award Emmys to Joseph Goebbels, Baghdad Bob, and
Guy Who Altered Soviet Photos

Josef Stalin holding an Emmy award.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – After awarding an Emmy last year to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for the broadcasts of his COVID press conferences, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will also award Emmys to Joseph Goebbels, Baghdad Bob, and the guy who altered the photos in Stalin’s Soviet Union.

A spokesperson for the Television Academy explained the awards.

“Just like Cuomo’s press conferences, these other distinguished individuals produced presentations that were extremely compelling, and made for very interesting viewing,” said the spokesperson.

However, critics point out that, like Cuomo did at his COVID conferences, these individuals provided politically-convenient but factually incorrect messages.

The spokesperson was unmoved.

“The accuracy of a message is not important,” said the spokesperson. “What is important is whether the work crosses cultural boundaries to touch our common humanity."

"In other words, whether it fits our approved narrative."

"Since it does, we can accept the message as ‘our truth’, and reward the messenger for a job well done.”

- The Satirized Evening Post
February 3, 2021

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