CNN Accidentally Airs a Commercial Without a Mixed-Race Couple

A white family, with a red circle and a line through it.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Yesterday, CNN issued a formal apology for accidentally airing a commercial that did not contain a mixed-race couple.

A spokesperson for CNN acknowledged their “grave error”, apologized for the irreparable harm this caused, and underscored the importance of trying to appear more “woke” than everyone else.

The spokesperson said that they will have one of the characters in that commercial retroactively claim to identify as a different race, to undo the harm.

CNN indicated that all future commercials will be reviewed by their Butthurt Review board.

In addition, CNN promises that each new commercial will also contain at least three characters with non-traditional genders, including one brand new gender that no one has thought of yet.

- The Satirized Evening Post
January 11, 2021

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