USA Today Fact-Checker Still Claims
COVID-19 Vaccine Will Not Be Ready This Year
While He’s Actually Being Injected With It

Fact-Checker receving injection.

TYSONS, VIRGINIA – Sitting in a doctor’s office, getting his COVID-19 vaccination, a fact-checker for USA Today still claimed that Trump was lying when he said the vaccine would be ready this year.

“Trump did not get a vaccine ready in less than a year,” stated the fact-checker. “He didn’t provide funding for candidate vaccines. He didn’t provide funding so the testing and production steps could happen simultaneously, instead of sequentially. And he didn’t cut through the red tape at the FDA to get it through the approval process more quickly.”

“There is no vaccine,” the fact-checker stated, as he was about to be injected. “And that’s not my arm.”

“Ouch! That’s my arm!”

“I, that wasn’t. I didn’t feel a thing. And that wasn’t a vaccine that they didn’t inject me with.”

“Trumps a liar: There is no vaccine, and I wasn’t just injected.”

"We rate Trump's statement: PANTS ON FIRE."

- The Satirized Evening Post
December 16, 2020

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