Left-Wing Author Blasts Amy Coney Barrett for Believing that She Can Avoid Being Called Racist by Simply Not Being a Racist

Trump nominating Amy Coney Barrett

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – Ibram Kendi, well-known anti-racist author and diversity consultant, criticized Supreme Court nominee Amy Cony Barrett of having the ridiculous belief that by simply not being a racist she could avoid being called “racist”.

“You’re racist because we Democrats say you are,” Kendi announced. “By not automatically knuckling under to Democrats’ superiority, you’re a racist bigot that deserves to have violence perpetrated against you.”

“There is no such thing as polite disagreement. Any position that differs from our simply is, by definition, unreasonable, and must be shouted down. And anyone holding those views must be punished.”

“The only way to not discriminate...is to discriminate...against men, and white people.”

When asked whether discriminating against men and white people is still discrimination, Kendi bristled.

“We’re Democrats,” he hissed. “We know how to discriminate the ‘right way’.”

- The Satirized Evening Post
October 5, 2020

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