Kamala Harris Proposes Giving People
$2000 a Month of Your Money
Until They Are Fully Dependent on Government

Kamala Harris showing she's unashamed about her new proposal.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Kamala Harris joined with fellow Democratic Senators Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey, and put forth a bill that would provide every individual with an annual income under $120,000 with $2,000 per month until the recipients are fully dependent on government.

“The goal is to convince them there IS a Free Lunch,” explained a spokesperson for Senator Harris.

When asked where she would get this money from, the spokesperson replied, “From other people.”

“We need to use the lockdown to keep people out of the workforce as long as possible,” the spokesperson explained, “so they have no alternative but to depend on government.”

“Once they’re addicted to our handouts, they’ll be forced to go along with whatever other social changes we want to make - banning speech we don’t like, limiting their freedoms, using the FBI to entrap and punish our opponents – the list is almost endless.”

“Buying votes with other peoples’ money is not new. Politicians have been doing this for years," the spokesperson said, starting to smile.

"We just like to think we’ve finally perfected it.”

- The Satirized Evening Post
May 10, 2020

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