Democrats are Furious Chris Matthews Used a Nazi Analogy for a Non-Republican

Chris Matthews

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – On Monday's broadcast of ‘HardBall’, MSNBC's Chris Matthews stated that Bernie Sanders winning the Las Vegas caucus gave him the same feeling that French Prime Minister Paul Reynaud had when the Nazis invaded France: "It's over."

Almost immediately, Democrats inside and outside the media began blasting Matthews for using a Hitler analogy for someone who isn't in the Republican party.

"Comparing Bernie to Hitler?!" exclaimed journalist. "That's slanderous! He's not a Republican!"

A Democratic pundit chimed in, saying, "You can say, ‘Bush = Hitler’. You can say, ‘Trump = Hitler’. You can say that little kid from Covington High School is ‘Hitler’. But saying that Bernie winning the Las Vegas caucus is like the ‘Fall of France’ is beyond the pale."

"Matthews should be fired. Immediately."

An editor at the New York Times had a similar perspective:

"It's offensive to compare anyone related to the Democratic Party to Hitler,” he said. “It's just not something responsible media figures do. We all need to cool down, join together, avoid using divisive and inflammatory rhetoric, and reserve the word ‘Nazi’ for those stupid, evil, in-bred conservatives."

- The Satirized Evening Post
February 25, 2020

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