Nevada's Democratic Caucus Managers Have Trouble Organizing an Orgy at the
Moonlight Bunny Ranch

The Moonlight Bunny Ranch

CARSON CITY, NEVADA. – To generate more publicity for the up-coming Nevada Democratic Caucus, officials from the Nevada State Democratic committee decided to organize an orgy at the famed Moonlight Bunny Ranch. However, organizing the orgy proved to be much more difficult than they anticipated.

Democratic officials are unsure why they were unable to organize an orgy in a brothel.

"We could only get one person to get naked," stated the Lyon county precinct captain. "For an orgy you need at least three."

The problems with the "Up Yours for Feminism!" orgy started with mistakes in the pre-event advertising. Two or three people showed up at the orgy thinking it was the actual caucus, and were extremely surprised when they were expected to have sex.

"I thought we voted by marking a ballot," one woman said, "And that I got to keep my clothes on."

"I usually don't show anyone my ballot," said another, "Let alone anything else."

Ultimately, no one ended up having sex during the planned orgy. Even the regular Bunny Ranch customers were confused about what they were supposed to do.

The precinct caption lamented, "You'd think that people voting for us would be more experienced with getting screwed."

"To make matters worse, it started raining...and we couldn't figure out how to pour water out of our boots. Even with instructions written on the bottom."

- The Satirized Evening Post
February 4, 2020

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