Republicans Agree With Hillary: They Want Her To Run Again and Win Just Like She Did Last Time

Hillary Says She Wants To Run Again

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – During a recent interview with PBS' Judy Woodruff, Hillary Clinton incessantly talked about Trump and mentioned the possibility of her running again, while plugging her new book, I'm Not Obsessed, You Are!

Hillary summed things up by saying, "So maybe there does need to be a rematch. Obviously, I can beat him again."

Many mainstream Republicans quickly agreed with her.

Mitch McConnell said, "We'd love her to run again, and beat Trump exactly like she did last time. It would be excellent for teaching people about exactly, constitutionally, how the Electoral College works."

"Yes," agreed RNC Chairperson Ronna Romney McDaniel. "Trump didn't learn his lesson in the last election, so Hillary needs to fall short a second time, and then maybe he'll learn."

Ted Cruz added, "It's about time that Trump learns that just because he gets more electoral college votes, and is sworn in by the Chief Justice, lives in the White House, and gets to sign bills into law, that in Democrats' minds it doesn't mean he's won the election."

- The Satirized Evening Post
October 9, 2019

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