Stalker Hillary Says Trump is Obsessed with Her

Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During a recent discussion where she was touting her up-coming book, Hillary Clinton claimed that President Trump is obsessed with her, and has been ever since he won the 2016 election.

"He knows I should be President, and that's why he so obsessed with me and keeps talking about it," Hillary stated.

"Listen to his speeches. Sometimes he'll pretend to ignore me. Other times he'll talk about me. See how obsessed he is?"

Her latest book is a follow up on her series of books, Why I Should Be President (2014), What Happened (2017), and What Really Happened (2018).

Her new book, due out around Christmas, is I'm Not Obsessed, You Are!

During the discussion, Hillary pointed out numerous other signs that she says show how obsessed Trump is with her.

"He's always leaving the light on for me at the White House. I can see it late at night when I secretly drive past."

"He has his staff make a big deal out of it when I use 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as my return address."

"He's even starting to behave like me. I put my emails and documents on a separate server so people couldn't see them. Now he's doing it. I used law enforcement agencies to investigate my enemies. Now he's doing it. I tried to get dirt on my opponent from the Russians and Ukrainians. Now he's doing it."

"Anyone that obsessed must know they're a cheat, and a liar, and don't belong in public office."

- The Satirized Evening Post
October 3, 2019

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