The UN Is About to Elect Adolf Hitler to the UN Human Rights Council

Adolf Hitler

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – According to sources within the United Nations, Adolf Hitler is almost certain to be elected to the UN Human Rights Council.

Currently there are two open spots for historical figures, and only two candidates were nominated. Many countries feel nominating a historical figure is ridiculous, so they do not nominate anyone, thus there are only two nominees for the two positions.

Thus, the official vote is only a formality, and Hitler is virtually guaranteed to fill the position.

The other spot will apparently go to the other nominee, Jeffrey Dahmer.

Critics of Hitler state that he has no right being on a human rights commission, pointing out that not only was he responsible for one of the greatest genocides in history, and the Second World War, but that he is also dead.

A spokesperson for the UN General Assembly defended the nomination, stating that the council needs members with diverse perspectives. They also pointed out that since Hitler is dead, he is unlikely to start any further genocides.

- The Satirized Evening Post
September 9, 2019

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