After Allegations Surfaced of Her Affair, Ilhan Omar’s Husband No Longer Wants to be Her Brother

Ilhan Omar

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Beth Mynett, wife of US Representative Ilhan Omar's campaign consultant Tim Mynett, filed for divorce last week, stating that her husband was having an affair with Omar. Upon hearing this, Omar's husband Ahmed Nur Said Elmi stated Omar's actions made him look foolish, and so he no longer wanted to be Omar’s brother.

Elmi was quoted as saying, "A sister should not do such a thing to her brother, even if they are just pretending to be married."

Tim Mynett is a consultant often used by Omar's campaign. He and Omar have been seen around town together. His consulting group received roughly $230,000 from Omar's campaign, which has raised ethical questions.

Reporters pointed out that if he and his sister faked their marriage so he could stay in the US, Elmi may be forced to leave. Elmi was quick to clarify his statement, stating, "I will remain her husband so I can stay in the US, but I will no longer consider her my sister.""

- The Satirized Evening Post
September 4, 2019

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