CNN Hires Former FBI Official with Previous Experience Lying About Trump

Andrew McCabe

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – On Friday, CNN announced it was hiring former acting director of the FBI Andrew McCabe as a contributor.

"We are thrilled with his credentials," said a spokesperson for CNN. "He has previous experience lying, and undercutting Trump, so he should fit right in here."

McCabe was fired last year, after repeatedly lying under oath to the FBI's inspector general. This happened during an investigation into the abuse of power at the agency under McCabe's watch. It was also revealed that McCabe was involved in efforts to derail the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails, and in spying on the Trump campaign.

After the firing, McCabe appeared on CNN's news show Anderson Cooper's 360 Degrees and told Cooper that he believed it was possible that Trump was a Russian asset.

The Mueller report subsequently disproved this, and now there are serious questions as to whether the whole Russia investigation, which happened under McCabe's watch, was just a front to spy on Trump.

According to CNN, these qualities make him ideal for their network.

"Mr. McCabe has a history of lying, protecting Hillary, and trying to frame Trump," said the spokesperson. "These are the exact qualities we want in a CNN contributor."

- The Satirized Evening Post
August 23, 2019

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