Democrats Propose New Law Making It Illegal for Anyone to Possess a Gun If the Law Already Prohibits Them from Possessing a Gun

Gun Control

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democrats in Congress have proposed a new law to make gun possession illegal for anyone for whom existing gun laws have already prohibited them from having a gun.

Called the "Double Secret Probation Gun Law", the concept is simple: If there already is an existing law in place making it illegal for an individual to possess a gun, this law says it is illegal for that individual to possess a gun.

Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explained the importance of this new law. "If it's illegal for someone to own a gun, they shouldn't have one. And this new law makes it illegal."

"The recent incident in Philadelphia with a barricaded gunman is a good example. The man was a convicted felon, so there already was a law in place preventing him from having a gun. Yet he had one. Had there been a second law, making it illegal twice, all this could have been avoided."

"These shootings are terrible, so we have to do something. And this law is it."

- The Satirized Evening Post
August 16, 2019

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