Democrats Complain that Fox News Sucks Up to Republicans Like All Other Media Outlets Suck up to Democrats

Tom Perez on Meet the Press

WASHINGTON, D.C – Having grown accustom to the preferential treatment they receive from all other news outlets, Democrats are indignant that Fox News won't give them the same blind support.

Democrats cite this as proof that Fox News unfairly favors President Trump.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez voiced his complaints. "You've probably noticed that when an anti-Trump situation happens, all the networks describe that situation using the same DNC-approved adjective," said Perez. "Everyone except Fox. The other networks also agree to push the DNC narratives, blindly repeat anti-Trump stories without doing any independent verification, and spike stories that make Democrats look bad. Fox won't do this any of this."

"For example, last year the KKK Klansman David Duke praised Trump for criticizing the large scale killing of white farmers in South Africa, and every network carried the story to help make Trump look bad. Then two days ago Duke praised Democrat Ilhan Omar for her recent anti-Semitic statements, and every network spiked that for us. Except Fox."

"They're clearly in the tank for Trump."

A spokesperson for MSNBC agreed. "Fox's coverage of Trump sounds like our coverage of Obama. It's literally that bad."

Perez went further, saying, "Even the FBI and the DOJ are smart enough to know that it's Democrats that deserve special treatment, not Republicans. Why do you think Hillary's staff members were granted immunity and allowed to sit in during Hillary's testimony while Trumps were set up for perjury traps and then arrested using high-visibility early morning armed raids?"

"Fox News needs to get on the same page as every other news outlet and start kissing Democrats' asses."

- The Satirized Evening Post
March 8, 2019

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