Rahm Emmanuel OK with Smollett Falsely Smearing Trump Supporters, but Not Smearing Chicago

Rahm Emanuel on CNN

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – On CNN last night, the Democratic mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel said while it's perfectly fine that Jussie Smollett smeared Trump supporters, it was wrong for him to smear Chicago.

"I'm upset about what he said about the city and the way he used the city," Emanuel said. "While I fully support Smollett speaking falsehoods about Trump and his supporters, he shouldn't have done that to Chicago."

"All across Chicago, in every neighborhood, there are signs in front yards and windows that read, ‘Hate Has No Home Here’," Emanuel said. "Except if you hate Trump, of course. That we encourage."

"We Democrats know how to hate properly, and know that hating Trump and his supporters is virtuous. That hate is good. It's what brings us Democrats together as a party."

"If you're going to stage a fake hate-crime and blame it on MAGA people, fine. Just don't have the attackers yell out ‘This is MAGA country!’ in a Democrat-run city. Have them yell out ‘That's how we MAGA people do it in Texas!’ or some other place with lots of Trump supporters. That way the false smears will work properly and only affect Republicans."

- The Satirized Evening Post
February 23, 2019

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