Patagonia Protests "Irresponsible" Tax Cuts by Not Giving the Tax Savings to the Government

Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA – Calling the Trump tax cuts "irresponsible", Patagonia Clothing Company CEO Rose Marcario announced the company would not keep the $10 million it saved on taxes.

However, rather than just giving that money to the government – where they say the money should have gone – they will donate the money to environmental charities.

Marcario stated, "It was irresponsible for the government to not have taken this money from us. But we don't want the government to have it, because they won't spend it properly."

"Patagonia is protesting the government not taking our money and instead allowing us to spend it as we see not giving the government our money and instead spending it as we see fit."

- The Satirized Evening Post
January 22, 2019

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