Democrats Criticize The Wheel as Out-Dated and Ineffective

Pelosi and Schumer at a Podium

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Along with criticizing Walls, leading Democrats say the "Wheel" is also out-dated and ineffective.

"Wheels don't work," said Nancy Pelosi. "The Wheel is a century-old solution, and Wheels are ineffective, expensive, and immoral."

Chuck Schumer agreed, stating, "Show me a 3-foot wheel, and I'll show you a 4-foot pot-hole."

"There are high-tech solutions that work much better that the Wheel," Schumer said.

When asked for details on those better solutions, neither Pelosi not Schumer provided any, but they assured reporters they exist, and are much better.

Pelosi and Schumer then went on to similiarly criticize Arithmetic, Electricity, and Indoor Plumbing.

- The Satirized Evening Post
January 16, 2019

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