Obama Created the Increase in US
Energy Production Using Reverse Psychology

Obama Speaking

HOUSTON, TEXAS – In a speech at Rice University, former President Obama took credit for the signficant increase in US energy production, claiming he did it by using reverse psychology.

"I knew Trump would want to do the exact opposite of what I was doing, just to spite me. So when I was in office, I purposely put policies in place that made it harder to produce gas and oil, so that he’d reverse them, causing an increase in production."

President Obama was true to his word: He proposed numerous new taxes on energy; stopped the Keystone XL pipeline; and hampered gas and oil production on federal lands by withdrawing existing drilling leases, closing 85 percent of America’s offshore areas to energy production, slow-walking drilling lease applications, and passing regulations to restrict fracking.

When Trump did the exact opposite, energy production indeed increased.

"Not only did this reverse psychology work on Trump, but it also worked on the oil and gas companies. By making it so much harder to explore and drill on federal land, I tricked them into expanding their drilling and exploration on private land, where I could not control it."

"I knew they’d all do the exact opposite of what I was doing, and that’s how I increased the US energy production."

Obama finished by saying, "I wish you'd all quit criticizing me and just say ‘Thank you’."

- The Satirized Evening Post
November 29, 2018

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