After Complaining About the Officiating,
Chiefs Coach Will Not Call Rams
‘Legitmate Winners’

Antifi Protesters

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – After last night’s Monday Night Football game, Kansas City Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid complained about all the penalties called against his team, and said the biased calls – not the play of the players – determined the outcome of the game.

He went further and said that while the Rams were the legal victor in the game, he could not call them the legitimate winners.

"There were eight penalties called against us in the first quarter," Reid said. "That’s a systematic suppression of our players. This was a gross miss-management of our game. And we’ve seen an erosion of faith in our officiating."

Quarterback Pat Mahomes agreed, saying, "Make no mistake, the officials were deliberate and intentional in their actions."

A reporter asked, "Are the Rams the legitimate winners?"

"The rules, as they stand, say that the Rams received an adequate number of points to be the winner of the game," said Reid. "But we know sometimes the rules do not do what they should and something being legal does not make it right."

When the reporter pointed out that earlier in the season, coaches for the other teams complained that the officiating in those games favored the Chiefs, the Chiefs changed their tune.

"The fact that they’d say that is horrifying," Reid replied. "Let’s be clear about what they are saying and what that means. They are denigrating – talking down our officiating. And I am appalled that someone who is a head coach of an NFL team would take that position."

Mahomes added, "When other teams do that, they are dangerously attacking the legitimacy of free and fair officiating, and needlessly eroding the public confidence in our officials."

- The Satirized Evening Post
November 20, 2018

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