Following Their Pregnant Man Emoji,
Apple Announces Emojis For
Biden Solving A Problem, AOC Making Sense,
and Socialism Actually Working

Pregnant Man Emoji

Apple recently announced that iPhone iOS version 15.4 will include a new emoji for a pregnant man. Apple then confirmed future releases will include additional emojis for other aspects of liberal orthodoxy that are similarly pure fantasies.

The next release will include emojis for Biden solving a problem, AOC making sense, and Socialism actually working.

Subsequent releases are planned to include:
  • An “Objective Media” emoji showing a bunch of reporters sitting on only one side of a see-saw.
  • A “Russian Disinformation” emoji showing a laptop covered with crack cocaine, surrounded by vodka and caviar.
  • A “Free Speech” emoji showing a man in a MAGA hat with someone else’s hand over his mouth.
Discussions are also under way for emojis for “Discrimination”, “Racism”, and “Not Racism”:
  • “Discrimination” will simply show a white man.
  • “Racism” will show a white man abusing a black man.
  • “Not Racism” will be the same emoji as "Racism", but with the races reversed.
Finally, the emoji for “liberal” will show a prominent person, lording over others, with an extremely large head, and the sun shining out of their ass.

- The Satirized Evening Post
February 3, 2022

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