CIA Starts Using Woke People Pontificating as
an Enhanced Interrogation Technique

AOC tormenting a CIA detainee

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Former CIA agent William Barto confirmed that the US Armed Forces have adopted a new enhanced interrogation technique where detainees are forced to listen to arrogant liberals pontificating about exaggerated offenses in the name of "wokeness".

“This is a relatively new technique,” said Barto. “It’s called ‘Commonsensory Deprivation’.”

“And make no mistake: Being forced to spend hours listening to a trust-fund baby whine about ‘Privilege’ is enough to drive anyone crazy.”

“First we soften the detainee up a bit with preachy monologs about Cultural Appropriation, and how people are unbearably victimized when someone else eats food from their culture.”

“A more intense level involves patronizinging lectures on Preferred Pronouns and Gender Fluidity.”

“Even more intense is “holier-than-thou” sermons on Social Justice and Systemic Racism.”

“And for the most hardened of terrorists, condescending diatribes on Microaggressions and Dog Whistles.”

“No one’s ever made it through ‘Microaggressions’,” said Barto. “One time we used it on some members of ISIS, and they begged to be waterboarded.”

“And that was after we made the sessions less brutal by no longer using the voice of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

Although Commonsensory Deprivation has reportedly provided the US with a lot of valuable intelligence, not everyone is in favor of this practice.

“Face it. It’s torture,” said a lawyer from the Christian League Society.

“Subjecting people to never-ending complaints about being helpless victims of trivial offenses is a crime against humanity.”

“I mean, after being forced to listen to a woke person sanctimoniously whining about gender identity, doesn’t everyone just want to kill themselves?”

According to agent Barto, the KGB has begun using similar methods on American agents. However, since our agents have spent 4 years going to American colleges, they’ve built up a tolerance.

- The Satirized Evening Post
May 4, 2021

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